White Paper

Big Data is Dead! Yet “Small” Data Isn’t Ready for Primetime

In a world of growing pressure from regulators, higher stakes, bigger data, and increasing demand for data privacy, the personal data that resides in companies’ data repositories is becoming a bigger risk than ever. Data minimization has emerged as a key tactic for protecting organizations of all sizes from these risks. But how mature is that practice?

The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) recently collaborated with Osterman Research to conduct an in-depth survey on how effectively—or ineffectively—companies are tackling compliance and data organization to satisfy new regulatory norms.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why reducing the personal data amidst your corporate data should be key to your risk management strategies
  • What data hygiene best practices you can tackle proactively, not reactively, to protect your organization
  • The insights into your data that you may be lacking—and why they matter
  • How spoliation concerns can be mitigated with good data minimization habits