Recorded Webinar

Second Requests Demystified: Using Assisted Review in HSR Filings

How can you use computer-assisted review to handle second requests with ease?

To combat the time crunch of a second request, Kevin Clark of Compliance Discovery Solutions, Ignatius Grande of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, John Ingrassia of Proskauer, and Greg Houston of Relativity, have a computer-assisted review workflow to ease the process and keep your transaction on track.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Common challenges when responding to a second request
  • Real-life lessons for using computer-assisted review to handle a second request
  • Best practices and tips for a smooth response

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Kevin Clark

Senior Vice President, Consulting
Compliance Discovery Solutions


John Ingrassia

Special Counsel


Ignatius Grande

Senior Discovery Attorney/ Director of Practice Support
Hughes Hubbard & Reed


Greg Houston

Advice Team Member