Recorded Webinar
The AI Advantage: Building Responsible and Defensible Generative AI Solutions with Relativity aiR

Generative AI is taking the legal world by storm, igniting tremendous excitement in an industry that is usually skeptical about new technology. But with this interest comes a lot of questions. Will this technology actually deliver significant productivity gains? How can I be sure my data is safe and secure? How can I defend results to clients and stakeholders?

In this webinar, we discuss Relativity’s approach to developing and testing Relativity aiR, a new suite of generative AI solutions, so you can feel confident leveraging the latest AI technology.

Hear from AI experts on the importance of building responsible and defensible products in this new era of innovation.

Key takeaways:

  • How Relativity is building purpose-driven solutions, tested on real matters
  • Ways to assess generative AI solutions and validate the results they produce
  • What’s needed to achieve industry acceptance of the latest AI technologies


Taylor Emory

Tara Emory

Senior Vice President AI Legal Strategy, Redgrave Data

  Aron Ahmadia

Aron Ahmadia

Senior Director Applied Science, Relativity

  Cristin Traylor

Cristin Traylor

Director Law Firm Strategy Marketing, Relativity