Recorded Webinar

Analytics to the Rescue: A Trilogy of Crises Averted

One case. Seven million documents. One holiday weekend. How will Louis Martin and the iDS team meet the deadline? Gather ‘round the e-discovery campfire for Louis and the Case of Epic Proportions — and two more real-life tales of crises averted.

Louis, along with Jacob Cross and Dean Gonsowski of Relativity, will explore the critical role analytics played in each situation and the practical wisdom we can glean from these close calls.

Join us for the tales of:

  • Louis and the Case of the Data Mix-up: It was a run-of-the-mill analytics demonstration for a technophobic client — until Louis uncovered a serious problem on an actual case.
  • Louis and the Case of Least Resistance: Learn how not leveraging analytics tools before a “meet and confer” would have been a recipe for disaster.
  • Louis and the Case of Epic Proportions: Louis and the team take on a case of 7 million documents, on a compressed timeline, with unrealistic attorney expectations on precision and recall.

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Louis Martin

Senior Managing Consultant
iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. (iDS)


Jacob Cross

Solutions Specialist


Dean Gonsowski

Vice President, Business Development