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Recorded Webinar

An Analytics Cookbook for Complex Cases 

How to Build a Cutting-Edge e-Discovery Practice that Can Handle Anything

In complex cases, a good analytics strategy is like a cake: it’s built in layers. Join “chefs” Christian Levis of law firm Lowey Dannenberg, Ben Sexton of JND eDiscovery, and Melissa Saniter of Relativity for the story of how Christian and Ben baked this philosophy into a complex class-action case, developing a framework of layered analytics technologies that ultimately cut review time by 50,000 hours and saved approximately $2.5 million.

We’ll also discuss their solutions for several other real-world problems that arose, including methods to handle large rolling productions, how to sort through a mess of different data sources, and what mattered most in the project’s e-discovery setup.

We’ll discuss:

  • Which e-discovery “kitchen” tools were most important for the case and how they got the team up to speed
  • How Christian and Ben perfected their analytics recipe, combining technology-assisted review, structured analytics, metadata analysis, de-duplication, and more
  • The recipe’s (and case’s) ultimate outcome and how it’s positioning the firm for future success
Outside counsel and in-house attorneys won’t want to miss this analytics top-chef story.

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Ben Sexton

Director of e-Discovery
JND eDiscovery


Christian Levis

Lowey Dannenberg, P.C.


Melissa Saniter

Solutions Specialist