An ECA Primer for Corporate Counsel:
How to Get a Jump Start on Litigation

Advising on M&A ambitions, protecting IP, driving sales contracts across the finish line, managing compliance efforts … when it’s all interrupted by litigation or an investigation, how do general counsel find key facts quickly, assess risk, and help keep their organizations focused on what’s important?

Early case assessment (ECA) is about gaining initial insights, culling data before wasting time reviewing the irrelevant, and determining case strategy (or whether there’s a case at all). Of course, there’s more to it than that.

Download this primer to learn more about:

  • The history of ECA and how it’s evolving
  • How your organization can use ECA to speed up work you’re already doing
  • How outside counsel are using ECA to better serve clients
  • Where to start

Find out how to step up your ECA game—and why some organizations are turning to ECA for every case.

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