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Roundtable on American Business Women’s Day

On September 22, 1949, four women gathered at a coffee shop in Kansas City to found the American Business Women’s Association—at a time when it was considered socially unacceptable for women to work full-time, much less forge a career in business and entrepreneurship. September 22 has since been celebrated as American Business Women’s Day.

Corporate America has come a long way thanks to the tireless efforts by successive generations of women leaders and organizations to foster an atmosphere of inclusion, allyship and equity in the workplace. Most recently, the SEC ratified NASDAQ’s proposal requiring every company listing its shares on the world’s second largest stock exchange to have at least one woman in its board of directors; last year, California passed a law with similar provisions.

And yet despite these milestones, there still remain daunting structural and cultural barriers that keep women leaders from getting a seat at the proverbial high table. Join an eclectic group of women leaders from an array of industries as they share their insights and perspectives on how companies can foster more gender diversity on their boards.


Marla Persky

CEO and President



Ruby Zefo

Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel, Privacy & Cybersecurity


Amy Endicott

Senior Associate

Arnold & Porter


Elizabeth Roegner

Moderator, Senior Account Executive

Text IQ, A Relativity Company