Recorded Fireside Chat
How Cooley ignited growth and ROI in their e-discovery program

Finding the right technology provider isn’t just about software — it’s about the people using the software. For Cooley, switching to RelativityOne set fire to their team, sparking growth, ROI, and talent.

Hear from Cooley's Ruth Hauswirth and Phil Anton, with Relativity Chief Product Officer Chris Brown. Together, they’ll share how they warmed to the cloud and how the switch has transformed their practice.

You'll learn:

  • How RelativityOne helped Cooley grow their team and invest in their people
  • How cloud-only features, like Automated Workflows and Translate, increased the firm’s efficiency
  • Ideas and inspiration for using RelativityOne outside of e-discovery
  • Tips for migrating to the cloud and making the most out of your investment