On-Demand Webinar
Emerging Trends in Compliance Monitoring for Energy Trading Organisations

Energy trading companies are faced with evolving regulatory requirements, along with the proliferation of communication channels and increased volumes of data. The ability to develop and sustain an effective monitoring program while avoiding trading disruptions can be challenging.

Once a largely manual effort, automation, analytics, and other advanced communication monitoring tools have changed the game for all industries, including energy trading. 

Join us for this webinar, where we will discuss trends in the energy trading sector, and how an AI-based communication surveillance platform can help you stay ahead. We will cover:

  • Leveraging AI to monitor risks
  • Cross-channel communication surveillance solutions
  • Implementation considerations, including minimising trading disruption, performance benchmarks, and operating model adjustments


Derek Swinger

e-Comms SME
Director, Deloitte


Henry Liu

Machine Learning / AI SME - Assistant Director, Deloitte


Chester Ray

Audio Discovery SME – Assistant Director, Deloitte

Rob Mason

Head of Regulatory Intelligence,
Relativity Trace


Sarah Post

Sr. Mgr. - Customer Implementations and Success, Relativity Trace