2015 Data Discovery Case Law Year in Review

A quick guide to recent legal cases that impact your e-discovery practice.

Does your e-discovery strategy take into account the latest case law surrounding data privacy, preservation, and production? It’s important that attorneys understand how these complex issues are playing out in the courts, especially in the context of the recently revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, but it’s not always clear where to start.

In this e-book, David Horrigan, Relativity’s e-discovery counsel and legal content director, provides an easy-to-read examination of 2015’s data discovery case law circuit by circuit. You’ll gain insight into the year’s most interesting cases and how they relate to emerging technologies, such as mobile and social media.

Download this e-book to learn which recent cases established:

  • Judicial acceptance of technology-assisted review in an international venue
  • Parameters of the Federal Trade Commission’s power to regulate data protection
  • American claims to the right to search data on foreign soil
  • Refined definitions of what constitutes the practice of law

Add a quick compendium of case law to your e-discovery library today.