On-Demand Webinar
Global Collection Capability: How Organizations Are Addressing the Rising Distribution of Custodial Endpoints

Dramatic shifts in how people work and rapid tech advancements have created a plethora of new remote endpoints. e-Discovery and investigations teams have been left scrambling to collect potentially relevant data from disparate sources – and must do so remotely and securely. They must also collect efficiently and selectively at scale; often these endpoints produce mountains of unstructured data that can be challenging for in-house teams to make use of.

To address these challenges, teams need a strong process. The ability to move rapidly and seamlessly from collection to processing in RelativityOne has considerable benefits for later stages of your workflows.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Hear from experts how these challenges impact your legal, investigations, and compliance teams.
  • See the impact RelativityOne solutions can have through a demo of real-world examples.
  • Learn how to implement easy, defensible, secure, and scalable endpoint collection workflows from anywhere in the world.


Greg Evans

Product Manager, Relativity


John Patzakis

Chief Legal Officer, X1


Adam Rogers

Senior Forensic Analyst, CDS