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Going Cloud: How to Tackle 5 Hurdles to Transforming Your Business

Everyone, from your competitors to your grandmother, is talking about the cloud. In particular, you recognize software-as-a-service’s (SaaS) potential to change the way your organization does business, but getting others on board to go “all in” on such a big change will be a battle against the status quo.

What we’re doing is working – why should we change? What’s the difference between moving our current setup to the cloud and using a true SaaS product? Shouldn’t we wait until it’s more proven? What about security?

In our upcoming webinar, leaders in the e-discovery space will share how they instilled confidence in others that SaaS will help them achieve their business goals—and lessons they learned the hard way. They’ll explain how they built momentum in their organizations to move to RelativityOne by navigating five perception hurdles to going SaaS:

  • Technology considerations
  • Costs and billing changes
  • Bringing clients along
  • Room for customizations
  • Concern about infrastructure control

Whether you’re actively using SaaS or on your journey to get executives onboard, join us to hear from change champions on what they wish they’d known when they started.

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Glenn Barden

Senior Director, Relativity Consulting



Melina Efstathiou

Senior Customer Success Manager


Robin Cyrus

Consulting Director


Chris Haley

Director, Legal Technology
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