Recorded Webinar
Untangling the Story Sooner: RelativityOne for Investigations

How do you manage internal investigations at scale when data types keep changing? Or when you’re pigeonholed into reviewing chat data in virtually unreadable formats (ahem, JSON)?

RelativityOne’s out-of-the-box investigations templates enable corporate investigators to find out what they don’t know, minimize review of irrelevant documents, and review files in their native format – all in one secure environment.

Explore how corporations of all sizes have standardized their investigation practice on Relativity to unravel the story sooner.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The plethora of challenges that investigators face today
  • Why leveraging a solution your legal team already knows mitigates risk
  • How RelativityOne accelerates an investigator’s ability to find the truth and unlock the full picture through always- on AI and extensive cloud collection capabilities


Kyle Disterheft

Group Manager, Product Management



Amelia Chen

Sr. Manager, Corporate Solutions Marketing