Recorded Webinar
Modern Collections for Modern Tools: Microsoft Teams

More than ever, the technology we use to collaborate with our colleagues is part and parcel with our success as organizations. It’s no surprise Gartner predicts the social and collaboration market will nearly double by 2024.

Microsoft Teams is an essential piece to the puzzle, connecting teammates with video conferencing, chat, and telephony.

Unfortunately, the discoverable data generated by Teams and other tools is often challenging to collect and assess—making it nearly impossible to respond to subpoenas, facilitate investigations, or manage litigation.

What's your in-house team to do?

Watch the recorded webinar to learn:
  • Trends in the use of collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams
  • The unique difficulties in collecting and analyzing data created by modern technology platforms
  • How Collect in RelativityOne allows you to seamlessly ingest Microsoft Teams data


Umayr Sufi

Customer Success Manager, Modern Work Enterprises



Greg Evans

Senior Product Manager