Recorded Webinar
Redact Overview, EMEA Edition

As regulations expand and requests for information increase, privacy has never been more important in our industry. Because of this, missing a redaction is never an option.

Redact has the industry's most comprehensive redaction capabilities, now automated and integrated into our simply powerful platform at no cost. Watch this webinar to discover how this new solution can help you save time and reduce risk.

Relativity's director of product management, Andrea Beckman, group product manager, Jim Witte, and solutions architect, Bill Bailey, will cover:

  • Why it's important for your organization to streamline and automate redactions
  • An overview of Redact's features and functionality
  • How you can get started using the tool


Andrea Beckman

Director of Product Management


Jim Witte

Group Product Manager

Bill Bailey

Solutions Architect


Steve Couling

Managing Director and VP Sales, EMEA