On-Demand Webinar
RSAPI Removal Webinar

Everyday we’re faced with new business challenges. Being able to adapt quickly and customize your approach are key to meet these challenges and stay ahead. At Relativity, we know this can be difficult, it’s one of the reasons we’ve developed our product to be flexible and extensible.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to introduce new Relativity API endpoints to make developing on the platform more intuitive and faster while enabling our community of partners to solve more business challenges. With the introduction of new APIs, we are also planning the removal of all RSAPI endpoints. This change which impacts applications currently using RSAPI is important for all application owners to be familiar with and plan for. Join Product Managers Bill Sutton and Nikitha Damera as they discuss the RSAPI Removal.

After the webinar you’ll understand:

  • Upcoming API changes
  • Timing of RSAPI removal
  • Resources and support available


Bill Sutton

Product Manager, Relativity


Nikitha Damera

Product Manager, Relativity


Chris Hogan

Software Engineer, Relativity