On-Demand Webinar
Forging a Path Toward Strategic e-Discovery with Technology

As the e-discovery market matures, organizations are undertaking a big shift, from viewing e-discovery as an overhead cost to a strategic part of their business. Thanks to this shift, more organizations are forging partnerships with solution providers who understand their business and provide high-value technology services.

One such partnership? That of global managed services provider Legility and MT>3, a division of Canadian law firm McCarthy Tétrault.

Join Susan Wortzman, head of MT>3, and Scott Culbertson, vice president of managed services at Legility, to dive into their joint venture and learn how Legility’s managed services approach allows the division to use technology to further their innovation strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why MT>3 partnered with Legility
  • How they approach the changing e-discovery landscape
  • Why they moved to a hybrid cloud offering


Alyssa Kondonis

Customer Success Manager


Susan Wortzman

Head of MT>3


Scott Culbertson

Vice President, Managed Services, Legility