Analyst Report
The General Counsel Report 2023: General Counsel Embrace Flexibility, Automation and Specialization  | Part 3 of 3

With a global pandemic in the rearview and another 365 days of traversing the risk landscape, General Counsel have been through the risk management ringer. The analysis of GC in 2022 only furthers this narrative, showing continued strain on in-house legal departments and a heightened demand on General Counsel.

On top of the rising risks, legal departments are continuing to grow, while budgets continue to shrink. Part three of the 2023 report articulates the challenges that come with that growth and how GCs are finding balance through flexibility. 

Read part three to learn:

  • How employment trends have forced GCs to adapt their approaches to talent, retention, technology, and overall department management
  • The strains that growth puts on capacity, resources, and budgets
  • The role automation and advanced AI play in creating healthier work environments