Analyst Report
The General Counsel Report 2021: Rising to Today’s Challenges and Building Resilience for the Future

Published November 2020

The role of general counsel has evolved from the office of “no” to one of significant strategic influence. That evolution came in the nick of time for the turmoil of 2020.

The pandemic has showed yet again that the role of the general counsel is infinitely expandable.

To better understand the current in-house environment, FTI Technology and Relativity engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to interview 31 general counsel about their changing role amid the unpredictable events of 2020.

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  • How corporate legal departments are responding to the pandemic, social unrest, and other events of 2020 >
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the scope of the GC role
  • Seven key responsibilities GCs need to embrace to navigate 2021 and beyond

Analyst Report