3 Steps to Building an AI-Based Surveillance Strategy

A Relativity Trace e-Book

The expectation to quickly detect abuse is increasing, but so is the volume of data that compliance teams need to grapple with. Effective communication surveillance goes beyond keyword-based rules to cut through the noise, reduce false positives, and quickly uncover the riskiest behaviors.

So, what’s your compliance team to do? How can you zero in on the riskiest communications as quickly as possible?

Each step within this e-Book focuses on a different way AI can help you accomplish more with fewer resources and in less time. Download the e-book to learn how to:

  • Remove obvious junk like redundant or irrelevant content to get to the smoking gun faster
  • Reduce false positives so you can zero in on the communications most relevant to your business
  • Gain more control over your data to get deeper insight into communications and better identify risk as it happens and before it escalates

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